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Policies and Procedures

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Mandated Health & Safety Trainings

All NEWLY hired staff must complete all trainings and associated knowledge checks listed below before working with children or families. 

Training Link

Knowledge Check

Deadline Completion Date

Medication Administration

KC - Medication Administration

Maltreatment of Minors Mandated Reporting

KC - Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors


Emergency Preparedness

KC - Emergency Preparedness
Allergy Prevention and ResponseKC - Allergy Prevention and Response
Handling & Disposal of Bodily Fluids
KC - Handling and Disposal of Bodily Fluids
Risk Reduction PlanKC - Risk Reduction Plan
Abusive Head Trauma - SUIDSKC - Abusive Head Trauma - SUIDS



Title of TrainingTraining VideoPowerPoint/Cheat SheetSample FormOther Resources
Home Visits:  Completion of the Home Visit FormNoneHome Visits:  Completion of the Home Visit FormCP Home Visit FormNone
Home Visit ProgressNoneHome Visit ProgressNoneNone
No Child Contact WeekNo Child Contact WeekNo Child Contact WeekNoneNone
Scheduling Home Visits - Part 1 - Setting Up Your Initial Home Visit ScheduleNoneScheduling Home Visits - Part 1 - Setting Up Your Initial Home Visit ScheduleNoneNone
Scheduling Home Visits - Part 2 - Adding to Your Existing HV ScheduleNoneScheduling Home Visits - Part 2 - Adding to Your Existing HV NoneNone
Attendance Plans - Home BaseNoneAttendance Plans - Home Base   
EHS TransitionNoneEHS TransitionEHS Transition PlanNone
Socializations Entry ExpressNoneSocializations Entry ExpressSee Program Forms - Printable FormsNone
Need Identified EventNoneNeed IdentifiedNoneNone
Emergency/Crisis EventNoneEmergency/CrisisNoneNone
FPA OverviewNoneFPA OverviewNoneNone
FPA Step 1 Introduce Family GoalNoneFPA Step 1 Introduce Family GoalNoneNone
FPA Step 2 Set GoalNoneFPA Step 2 Set GoalNoneNone
FPA Step 3 Follow UpNoneFPA Step 3 Follow UpNoneNone
FPA Step 4 FinalizeNoneFPA Step 4 FinalizeNoneNone


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