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Mandated Health & Safety Trainings

All NEWLY hired staff must complete all trainings and associated knowledge checks listed below before working with children or families. 

Training Link

Knowledge Check

Medication Administration

KC - Medication Administration

Maltreatment of Minors Mandated Reporting

KC - Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors

Emergency Preparedness

KC - Emergency Preparedness
Allergy Prevention and ResponseKC - Allergy Prevention and Response
Handling & Disposal of Bodily Fluids
KC - Handling and Disposal of Bodily Fluids
Risk Reduction PlanKC - Risk Reduction Plan
Abusive Head Trauma - SUIDSKC - Abusive Head Trauma - SUIDS

Swivl Training:  Click each link below to download the PowerPoint Training File.   
Links do not open in a new browser window.   Check your device "Downloads" folder for the file.



Title of TrainingTraining VideoPowerPoint/Cheat SheetSample FormOther Resources
Home Visits:  Completion of the Home Visit FormNoneHome Visits:  Completion of the Home Visit FormCP Home Visit FormNone
Home Visit ProgressNoneHome Visit ProgressNoneNone
No Child Contact WeekNo Child Contact WeekNo Child Contact WeekNoneNone
Scheduling Home Visits - Part 1 - Setting Up Your Initial Home Visit ScheduleNoneScheduling Home Visits - Part 1 - Setting Up Your Initial Home Visit ScheduleNoneNone
Scheduling Home Visits - Part 2 - Adding to Your Existing HV ScheduleNoneScheduling Home Visits - Part 2 - Adding to Your Existing HV NoneNone
Attendance Plans - Home BaseNoneAttendance Plans - Home Base   
EHS TransitionNoneEHS TransitionEHS Transition PlanNone
Socializations Entry ExpressNoneSocializations Entry ExpressSee Program Forms - Printable FormsNone
Need Identified EventNoneNeed IdentifiedNoneNone
Emergency/Crisis EventNoneEmergency/CrisisNoneNone
FPA OverviewNoneFPA OverviewNoneNone
FPA Step 1 Introduce Family GoalNoneFPA Step 1 Introduce Family GoalNoneNone
FPA Step 2 Set GoalNoneFPA Step 2 Set GoalNoneNone
FPA Step 3 Follow UpNoneFPA Step 3 Follow UpNoneNone
FPA Step 4 FinalizeNoneFPA Step 4 FinalizeNoneNone


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