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Website links for Head Start parents, guardians and other adults responsible for our Head Start children.  Click on any of the website names or descriptions to link to the information.


Baby Navigator - What every parent needs to know about early learning - Providing resources and tools for families to celebrate and support their baby's early learning and nurture the development of language and success in school...and life.

FIRST SIGNS - First Signs is dedicated to educating parents and professionals about autism and related disorders.

Minnesota Department of Education - What is Early Childhood Screening? - Screening in early childhood supports children's readiness for Head Start and soon, kindergarten. It promotes health and development. Screening includes vision and hearing, height and weight, immunization review, large and small muscles, thinking, language and communication skills, as well as social and emotional development.

Help Me Grow Developmental Milestones - Video clips and information on developmental milestones.

Help Me Connect - This website is a navigator connecting pregnant individuals and families with young children (birth - 8 years old) with services in their local communities that empower families to be healthy and safe.

Bridge to Benefits - This website is supported by the Children's Defense Fund of Minnesota and aimes at helping improve the well-being of families and individuals by linking them to public support programs and tax credits.  See if you might qualify for the help you need.

NHSA One Window of Opportunity Video - Video on supporting Head Start.

Safe Kids Worldwide - Parenting tips and information on safety.

Safe Home - This website provides a guide to baby and childproofing your home along with links to other helpful sites such as National Safety Council, United States Consumer Product Safety Commision, and Poison Control.

Text4Baby - Sign up to receive free support through text messages throughout your pregnancy and baby's first year on parental, baby health, parenting topics.

Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC)- This website is not only helpful for Head Start staff, BUT also provides great information, resources, and learning opportunities for Early Head Start and Head Start parents, guardians, and pregnant moms!  It's everything Head Start!



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