Arrowhead Head Start


   The mission of Arrowhead Head Start works with young children and families on healthy prenatal and early childhood development, school readiness, and supporting their success in life.

Program Services

Our program serves pregnant mothers, children birth to 5 years old, and their families.

Our services are more than early childhood education!  Our programming includes health, nutrition, mental health, disability, &  family support services.

Our program has income guidelines with limited opportunities for families who are over income.

We provide services to children with special needs or disabilities.

We learn  ~  We play  ~  We have fun

Our Program Goals

 Child playing with blocksThe program will strengthen children's mental and behavioral health outcomes so they are able to learn and develop positive social connections.

The program will strengthen and support our Arrowhead Head Start staff team.

The program will expand children's experiences with high quality early learning to prepare them for Kindergarten.

The program will strengthen connections and support for families to improve their wellbeing.


May is National Mental Health Awareness Month!

    mental health 

Each year millions of children and families face the reality of living with mental health challenges.   May has been set aside to fight the stigma around mental health, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support children and families living with mental health illness or challenges. 

You are not more than ever we need to find ways to stay connected with our community.  No one should feel alone or without the information, support and help they need.   

Below are links to several websites that provide additional support, resources, referrals, and connection to someone who can help.

United Way

Mental Health Minnesota - The Voice of Recovery

National Alliance on Mental Health

Range Matters Now -Thrive

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