Volunteer Driver Program


Program Description
Arrowhead Transit Volunteer Driving Program is a transportation company that contracts insurance companies. The contracts allow Arrowhead Transit to provide coordination and schedule non-emergency transportation for clients. The purpose of the Volunteer Driver Program is to provide transportation to medical appointments, social service appointments, and employment opportunities for qualifying persons through contracting agencies and programs when clients do not have access to reliable transportation.


  • Volunteers must have a current license valid for the class of vehicle driven.
  • Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age and must have not less than I year of experience as a licensed driver.
  • Volunteers must have a driving record that meets the requirements outlined in Minnesota Administrative Rules 8840.5900 subpart 11
  • All volunteers must be able to pass and meet the criminal record requirements outlined in Minnesota Administrative Rules 8840.5900 Subpart 12.
  • Volunteers are required to provide proof of motor automobile liability insurance for any vehicle used for Arrowhead Transit.
  • Volunteers must maintain a safe, clean, operating vehicle for providing rides to program passengers.

    *Volunteers will be reimbursed at the current federal milage reimbursement rate by Arrowhead Transit. Federal milage reimbursement rates are subject to change yearly.









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