Homeless Youth Services



 Virginia Youth Foyer


Northern St. Louis County

Program Description:

The Virginia Youth Foyer provides safe, affordable permanent housing and supportive services for homeless youth in northern St. Louis County; the project contains 15 units, 13 of these are efficiency units and 2 are tow-bedroom apartments for parenting youth. Youth Foyer

The AEOA Youth Councelor conducts outreach to youth expieriencing homelessness and provides intensive case management services to youth participating in the Virginia Youth Foyer project. The Youth Councelor helps young people in the Foyer program achieve the skills necessary to successfully transition into adulthood.

Our youth outreach services can help find appropriate housing for youth who are currently homeless and provide financial assistance with first month expenses. We can also make connections to other services such as mental health, chemical dependency counseling, MNsure, education, and SNAP. 


The Foyer project serves homeless youth ages 18-25

Living Independently from Experience (LIFE)

On-Site Housing

Availability: Itasca County

Program Description: LIFE offers on-site housing of two apartments that provide safe, affordable housing for homeless youth. These units are for literally homeless living in a shelter, on the streets or any inhabitable place. Limited stay of two years or up to their 24th birthday.

Eligibility: Youth ages 18-23 who are homeless.


Off-Site Transitional Housing

Availability: Itasca and Koochiching Counties

Program Description: LIFE off-site transitional housing provides assistance with a deposit and short to medium term rental assistance for youth to obtain their own lease while working on their driven goals to become independent with assistance through case management.

Eligibility: Youth ages 18-24 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Emergency Shelter

Temporary and emergency vouchers are available for youth ages 18-24 who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in Itasca County and Koochiching Counties.

Outreach Program

In Itasca County and Koochiching Counties, our youth outreach services can help crisis intervention and ongoing support services that include one-on-one case management on a self-referral basis for youth who are currently homeless. Connections are made to other needed services such as mental health, chemical dependency counseling, education, domestic violence, MNsure and food supports.

Funded by: Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)

Supported by: Northeast Minnesota Continuum of Care 



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