Diversionary Work Program (DWP)


Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Koochiching, and St. Louis Counties.
Able-bodied adult caregivers ages 18 to 60 with dependents receiving public assistance
through state funding.

Program Description:
The Diversionary Work Program is a four-month program that provides services
and support to eligible families to help them move immediately to work rather than go on public
The four months of DWP do not count towards the 60-month lifetime limit for the Minnesota Family
Investment Program (MFIP)m, the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.
Supports for working families – DWP supports your family while you are employed or searching for
employment. With DWP, you may be eligible for support services such as:
  • Assistance with rent, utilities or other housing costs
  • Personal needs allowance
Parents are expected to work – All parents, including both parents in a two-parent family, are expected
to develop and sign an employment plan before your family is approved for DWP.
Your employment plan will consider what work you can do and what best meets your family situation.
You must seek full-time work immediately if you are approved for DWP. You will receive employment
services that include:
  • Help finding work that fits your employment plan.
  • Help identifying and dealing with family issues that may prevent or delay you from getting employment.
  • Limited training that you can complete in four months or fewer.



Carlton & Cook


St. Louis


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