Board of Directors

Interested in becoming a Board Member
Do you have an interest in helping your community? Do you or do you know someone that has struggled financially? Do you want your voice to be heard regarding issues such as: poverty, homelessness, housing, unemployment? Do you want to make a difference for yourself, your family, and your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions; please fill out the application and submit to: 

Jessica Zollar
Executive Secretary
702 3rd Ave S
Virginia, MN 55792

Board of Directors Application

Paul McDonald

Kevin Adee

Gary Peterson

Keith Nelson

Ben DeNucci

Peter Walsh

Laurie Westerlund

Michael Jugovich

David Mills

Laura Perry

Dana Waldron

Tom Cvar

Robert Hietala

Cherie Averill Manner

Terry Sonnentag

Beverly Green

Bob Larkin

Jeff Kletscher

Andrea Lilienthal

Rory Koch

Cathy Zelinski

Les Northrup

Robin Raplinger

Marisa Fontaine

Diane Taylor

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