Board of Directors


Jeff Kletscher, Public Official 

Board Members

Kevin Adee, Public Official

Thomas Rukavina, Public Official

Helen Budisalovich, Community Sector

Jeremy Hurd, Public Official

Tom Cvar, Private Sector

Michael Jugovich, Public Official

Gary Peterson, Public Official

Laurie Westerlund, Public Official

Adra Lilienthal, Community Sector

Lorraine Hill, Community Sector

Rory Koch, Community Sector

Bob Larkin, Private Sector

Andra Lilienthal, Community Sector

Mark Mandich, Public Official

Cherie Averill Manner, Private Sector

Kathy LaFrance, Public Official

Cathy Zeliniski, Community Sector

Keith Nelson, Public Official

Les Northrup, Community Sector

Laura Perry, Private Sector

Myron Bursheim, Public Official

Nathan Sager, Private Sector

Georgeine Townley, Community Sector

Pete Stauber, Public Official

James Varichak, Private Sector

Dana Waldron, Private Sector

Isabelle Westman, Community Sector

Robin Raplinger, Community Sector

Jay Cameron, Community Sector

AEOA Departments

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